Detail of cast Brussels sprouts sculptures by Chelsea Tinklenberg, 2019

Detail of cast Brussels sprouts sculptures by Chelsea Tinklenberg, 2019

Back in action after a heady and cerebral winter, where I spent a lot of time inside hibernating, and watching movies, and making things in a very solitary space. It all resulted an art project that will be shown in Chicago next month that I’m excited about, but is very much a product of that introverted headspace. With the weather changes and the sunlight and the temperature increases, and with people just wanting to hang out in general, I’m feeling a lighter vibe in the air and I’m excited to get back out there again, to connect, contribute, and converse.

I worked on one project recently that ended up being a really wonderful experience, and I think it served as a catalyst to feeling generally lighter and more excited to connect with my community again. I was asked by NAPOLEON in Philly to write an exhibition essay on a show of new works by artist Chelsea Tinklenberg. The title of the show is Cultivation, and the exhibition will be on view at NAPOLEON for the month of April.

The project kicked off with a phone interview with the artist, which was pretty great. Chelsea and I have a lot of overlaps in our work and processes, and before we both knew it over an hour had passed and we had covered a lot of ground in talking about art and life. I’m really happy with the final version of the essay, which grew out of a positive and productive collaboration, and it was awesome to connect with a new artist that I might not have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. The essay is posted here, if you want to check it out.

On the creative horizon for me is finishing up and installing that Chicago piece, which I will document with lots of photos. The sculpture section of my website is due for an update anyway, since I made an installation last summer at Little Berlin that kinda sorta never ended up getting posted due to procrastination and neglect on my part (lol whoops) so I promise to fix that once the Chicago show whirlwind dust has settled somewhat.

See you out and about, and happy spring! Xoxo